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We offer a variety of Accommodation to suit all budgets.

From Self-Contained Chalets, Cabins or a larger Family Room, to a Funky Dormitory with shared shower/toilet.

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Images of CornerStone House (each room is a Double Self-contained Chalet)

All the Buildings are individually Designed, Beautifully built and Lovingly Decorated with Local materials, giving the Yard an eclectic and Homely feel.

Simple yet Comfortable, Natural and Stylish, all Rooms have beds with Mosquito-nets & Fans. Cleanliness is maintained to a High Standard.

Roots Yard also has a Campsite where you can bring your own Tent and

we Welcome Over-Landers. We are Happy for you to cook your own Meals in our Yard with your own cooking utensils,

however, we do Respectfully request that No MEAT or FISH is brought into the Yard.

As we advertise ourselves as a VEGETARIAN Restaurant, we do accept eggs & cow's milk in your own cooking,

but we ourselves serve Strictly VEGAN Food & Drinks.

Many Thanks.


Images of Ati Xo (the Wooden Family House, sleeps 4-6 people, Self-contained)

Roots Yard is firm in the use of Traditional, Local, Natural Building Materials. We will Not compromise and use imported Tiles, even when this involes many difficulties of locating, acquiring and transporting, we do not bend. We know that this will not only benefit Ghana more than imported materials, but the Natural Terracotta is Organic and Sustainable with the production causing minimum pollutants to the environment. There is also less Transportation reducing Our overall 'Carbon Footprint'. We use Mud-Brick instead of cement-block. Our local Timber is being replenished by the Tree-planting projects we are helping to implement. We feel our Buildings blend into the environment physically and aesthetically.


Images of the Dormitory


CornerStone House (Double, self contained) : GhC100 per night

Ati Xo (wooden House) (Family, 1xDouble 2xSingle, self contained) : GhC 180 per night

Up to 2 extra mattresses can be added @ GhC30 each in Ati Xo; sleeping a maximum of six people

Dormitory - (bed with mosquito net, shared bath) : GhC 30 per person per night

Camping/Overlanders : (own tent) GhC 30 per person per night.