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Our Bamboo Bikes are handmade by a master Bamboo Bike Craftsman with 10 years of Bamboo Bike building experience. Each Frame is an individual work of Art, made from Natural & Sustainable Materials and Crafted with care. We conduct rigorous stress & strength tests on each completed frame and offer a 2-year guarantee for the Bamboo Frame.

The bamboo is harvested in Peki and takes up to one month to dry. To make the bicycle frame, the bamboo is set and joined using a natural vine fibre grown in the north of Ghana and an eco-epoxy resin. The joints are created with a multi layer technique wrapping the eco-epoxy soaked fibre around the bamboo pole joints, similar to standard carbon fibre. An auto-base finish is used to protect the frame and allow it to withstand any weather conditions.

These Bamboo Bike frames can be made to order according to your personal size and specifications, but we aim to have a few standard frames in stock for those on a tight schedule.

We export the bamboo frame alone. This allows you to build the complete bicycle with your own parts upon arrival, cutting down on the shipping costs. The Frame also only weighs between 3 to 4 kgs and can be easily fitted into a large suitcase to take home with you if you are visiting Roots Yard.

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