Roots Yard Lodge

Our Philosophy

We know that Africa needs Trade more than Aid, and we try to promote Ghana made produce wherever possible.

For unless we attain economic freedom, our struggle for independence would have been in van -- Dr. Kwame Nkruma

We try to source local, natural produce wherever possible. From the First Foundation Stones laid, through the Mud-Brick, Timber, Local-Tiles and Thatch of our Buildings, to the ingredients of our Delicious, Healthy Food and Drinks, our aim is to first source the produce from Peki, then elsewhere in Ghana, next the rest of the African Continent, and only when these avenues have been exhausted do we compromise and purchase imported items.

By sourcing Locally, we keep the Benefit of our Business here within our Community whilst also cutting down on our ‘Carbon Footprint’ allowing us to be more Environmentally Friendly. We employ all our Staff from Peki, from the Labourers, Construction Workers, Masons and Carpenters, Artisans, Gardeners and finally the permanent Roots Staff team, once again, ensuring that all benefits are kept within our community.

By using local knowledge of Traditional Building Techniques and Materials, and combining this with contemporary Structural Strengthening methods, the old and the new are held together in a way that values both. All too often we find that Traditional Knowledge is being lost in place of imported ideas, methods and materials, that are usually more damaging for the environment. For example, Cement factories are notorious for the adverse affects on the Health of residents living near the plants. We only use cement where it is necessary, opting for mud-Brick instead of cement-Blocks.

It is our conviction that we should hold on to these Traditional ways and merely up-date them with contemporary techniques. The Traditional materials, if managed correctly and responsibly, are Sustainable and renewable, replenished by Nature and Time. They do not cost the Earth. We are organising Re-Forestation projects within the community to ensure that all our children here in Peki will also be able to benefit from an abundant supply of local Timber. Many of the ingredients we use in our Kitchen are grown here in Peki, but to encourage more, we are helping to implement Vegetable and Fruit growing projects, including Mushroom Farming as well as Bee- keeping.

Our goal for Peki is Self-Reliance, the production of enough to fulfill our needs as a community, aiming at producing a surplus wherever possible to supply other markets.

Our Family:

Solomon, little Marcus, JacQueline, and Bob